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Below and attached so that you can print it out is the information that you will find helpful when helping at the KLS Depot. Click on this link so that you can view and better yet save a copy to your computer. Depot Instructions and message to riders. Below I have inserted the information, but it will be better if you click on the blue link above.


Loading the Trains


When the train has stopped and the engineer has said that they are ready to load:


  • Open the gate and allow riders to enter and board the train. “Get on with one leg on each side like riding a horse”
  • For passengers safety these need to be left at the depot.
    • animals (even those being held)
    • umbrellas
    • canes or crutches
    • toys or balloons
    • bags or backpacks
    • food and drinks
  • No more than 5 passengers per car (this is to the engineer’s discretion)
    • No more than 20 per train (4 riding cars)
  • All babies must be in a front pouch or sling.
    • No baby back packs allowed
    • Babies not in a sling need to be seated on the seat, between adult legs. No babies or small children on an adult’s laps. (Engineer has final say if they are willing to haul babies.)
  • Make sure that passengers are evenly spaced on the cars. If there are just a couple of passengers, have them sit in the middle of the car to balance the weight.
  • Remind the passengers if they have a whistle to not blow it while underway.
  • Give the Rules and Regulations
  • Use the counter to count each rider after loaded on the train
  • “All are aboard” lets the conductor know that they can proceed.




    Rules and Regulations that riders must be reminded of:


    “Welcome to Kitsap Live Steamers, when you ride with us we ask:”

    • That you stay in your seat
    • Don’t stand up and don’t turn around
    • I do need you to keep your feel on the floor board like they are right now so you don’t get hurt
    • Please don’t reach and touch things along the way
    • Please don’t rock the cars from side to side cause were trying to keep it on the track.
    • The trip will be an entire loop around and will bring you back to the depot. When it does, the train will come to a complete stop, you will hear a loud blast of the whistle meaning it is safe to get off.
    • We ask that you do not take pictures while the train is in motion.People who take pictures reach out to take a really cool shot and will tumble off the train and that is not really cool.
    • Have a good trip and we will see you when you get back.
    • Have a good time,
    • "All are aboard" if the train is properly loaded to the conductor.!



AM Station Master:


Setting up Depot

So we are ready by 10:00 am, around 9:00 am get the gondolas out of their storage spot and load following items to take to the Depot:


  • Amplifier. (on top of file cabinet)
  • Donation box
  • File box with needed supplies and documents.
  • Depot Radio. Please sign out
  • Box of towels if not in the gondola already
  • Cash box/counter/pens and pencils
  • Garbage can
  • Big blue Kitsap Live Steamers Sign
  • Train Posters and easel. Posters are on top of the bookshelf and easel is usually leaning against bookshelf nearby

    (the easel is set up just outside left of the entrance gate and sandbags are in the riding cars to hold it down and prevent it from tipping over and plastic clamps to hold the posters to the easel.


    Also bring anything you may need for your time at the Depot (water bottle, snacks, jacket , cell phone, etc.)


    Around 9:30 ask for help rolling the gondolas down to the depot. Use Little Bit Junction stopper as the ground is not level and the cars can roll. Make sure gates are unlocked. Superintendent should have a key. 


    Setting up the tables: You will need assistance setting up the tables. The tables are in gondola # 201.  Cover with table cloths. There is a piece of wood to cover the gap between the tables. Lay out the merchandise (see layout) .  Tubs go under the tables, and the gondolas are brought back to the yard.


    Put out entrance/exit signs on their gates.


    Other things to be carried down to depot-ask for assistance

  • Plastic chairs-at least 3
  • Rules and Regulations sign
  • Large “Train Rides” sandwich board sign.
  • Little bit Junction sign takes at least two people to hang.


    PM Station Master

    Take down of the Depot:


    Around 3:40 pm, ask someone to be at the end of the line so we don’t go past 4:00.  Request for the gondolas to be brought back to the Depot.  Merchandise can start to be put away in the tubs.


    Load Depot bins in the gondolas and make sure that these items get put away at the Thompson building:


    Always ask for assistance:

    • Amplifier. (on top of file cabinet)
    • Donation box
    • File box with needed supplies and documents.
    • Depot Radio. Please put back on charger
    • Box of towels if not in the gondola already
    • Cash box/counter/pens and pencils
    • Garbage can-empty
    • Big blue Kitsap Live Steamers Sign
    • Train Posters and easel. Posters are on top of the bookshelfand easle is usually leaning against bookshelf nearby
    • Plastic chairs-at least 3
    • Rules and Regulations sign
    • Large sandwich board train rides sign.
    • Little bit Junction sign. Takes two people to take down


Count Depot cash box:



20.00 in quarters

50.00 in ones

40.00 in fives

10.00 in tens.

Plus and left over change

Sales log




Station Master Duties:


The Station Master is an individual who takes the lead at the Depot.  They are to collaborate with the superintendent on duty, Station Agents and other KLS members to ensure that our riders have a safe and fun experience at KLS.


AM Station Master:  9:00 to 1:00

PM Station Master:  1:00 to 5:00


AM station Master is the lead in setting up the Depot and the PM Station master is the lead taking down the Depot each asking for assistance from members.


Work with Depot staff in loading trains. Making sure that a safety briefing is done for each train load and that the trains are loaded per safety regulations.


Take the lead in sales at the Depot-keeping track of each item as the sell on sales log.


Using the counter, keeping track of each rider as they are seated on the train.


Station Agent Duties:


Sign up for hourly shifts at the Depot.  They are to be there to assist the Station Master with the loading of trains, doing the safety briefing, sales at the Depot and if there is not a person at the exit gate, to be there when trains are unloading.  They are there as an extra set of eyes at the Depot to make sure that our riders are having a safe and fun experience at the Depot.



Little Bit Junction
Gondola Loading


Gondola #202:
          Bottom Layer:    Bin “H”,   Bin “E”,   Bin “G” (Broom along side)

          Top Layer:          Bin “C”,   Bin “L”,   Bin “F”


Gondola #201:
          Bottom Layer:    Bin “A”,   “Sand”,   Bin “I”  (Table Legs along side)

          Top Layer:          Bin “B”,     Bin “K”,   Bin “J”


Tallest height is 31”


Eventually, Bin “H” (Polo w/ Pocket) and Bin “I” (Polo w/o Pocket) will be replaced or eliminated. Also Bin “J” (Gray T-Shirts) will be used for other items.



Little Bit Junction
Depot Bins
(with inventory

Bin “A”       KLS Pins                                 Bin “G”       Mini Train
                   KLS Patches                                               Transformers
                   Train Pins                                                   Wobble Trains
                   Enter Sign                                                   Lantern Sharpener
                   Exit Sign


Bin “B”                Whistles                         Bin “H”       Polo Shirts with Pockets
                   Table Covers


Bin “C”       KLS Cups                               Bin “I”        Polo Shirts without Pocket
                   Water Bottles


Bin “D”       Necklaces                                Bin “J”        Gray T-Shirts
                   Necklace Holder
                   Soccer Balls


Bin “E”                 Hats                               Bin “K”       Books
                                                                                      Little Engineer Packets


Bin “F”                 LEGOs                           Bin “L”       Child T-Shirts